Ben Wasserman


Handi was inspired by my grandparents, who for the majority of my life, have lived hundreds of miles away from my family and I, with the exception of my cousin: a 27 year old who takes care of them on a daily basis. He takes out the garbage, goes shopping, brings them dinner, cleans the pool―various tasks that help them maintain their health, safety, and quality of life.

We have always wondered what they would do if he was not around, or even willing to dedicate so much of his time towards assisting them. It is difficult to handle this pressure, and often renders him reluctant to leave town for extended periods of time in case they should need him.

I used this situation to design a product that would allow people like my grandparents to get the assitance they need, while also being able to give back at the same time through a form of bartering system. In short, assistance is rewarded with what they can afford to give in return, whether it’s access to a laundry machine, free dinner, unused gift cards, or even money.

This product is targeted at college students whom are in need of simpler forms of income, flexible working schedules, and a desire to help others. 


Year: 2013/2015
Format: Screen


Create a product that promotes social good in your community. 


Handi―an application that connects able bodied individuals with people in their community
that suffer from a physical handicap whom are in need of assistance.